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Woodgate sewer infrastructure survey starts next week

sewer infrastructure survey
A sewer infrastructure survey will be undertaken in Woodgate to map access points which are often located on private land

A survey of Bundaberg Regional Council’s sewer infrastructure will be underway in Woodgate over coming weeks to help make emergency responses more efficient.

In the event of an overflow or blockage of the sewer network Council requires safe and timely access to infrastructure access points however these are often located on private land.

Bundaberg Regional Council Water and Wastewater portfolio spokesperson Cr Jason Bartels said the purpose of the survey was to more accurately map the locations of these access points.

“In some areas throughout the region we have instances where our mapping only indicates the general location of a sewer access point,” Cr Jason Bartels.

“When responding to emergency situations, which can occur at any time of the day or night, we will often need to seek permission from a property owner to access the sewer infrastructure, as the access point could be in their backyard.

“There have been instances where our current mapping has been off by just a couple of metres but what that has meant is we have entered the wrong property and then been forced to disrupt another resident to get to the access point.

“Using modern technology this sewer infrastructure survey will allow us to exactly pinpoint these locations.

“This will not only mean fewer delays in responding to emergency situations but also no unnecessary disruptions for residents.”

Woodgate properties between Acacia Street and the foreshore will be included in the sewer infrastructure survey.

The survey will start on June 7 with properties south of Fifth Avenue before inspection officers head north of Fifth Avenue from June 14.

The sewer infrastructure survey involves locating the tops of sewer manholes and sewer valves to ensure their locations are accurately captured in Council’s mapping system.

During the survey period there will be no impact on the function of household toilets or sinks.

In order to carry out these works, access will be required to private property.

Cr Bartels said any houses involved in the inspection program would receive a notice in their letterbox prior to the inspection taking place.

“To complete the survey Council officers will need access to yards but no access to houses will be required.”

All council staff involved with the survey will carry identification cards to be produced upon request.

For more information or to discuss the program further contact Council’s sewer infrastructure survey project manager on 1300 883 699.

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