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LPE a new energy choice in Bundaberg Region

Locality Planning Energy have branched out to the Wide Bay, providing a new choice in energy and electricity services. Photo: LPE

A new energy provider has been introduced to the Bundaberg Region to service the community's electricity needs.

Locality Planning Energy (LPE) was founded on the Sunshine Coast and has recently branched out to the Wide Bay area.

Area manager Juvaid Nakhuda said LPE had focused on developing tailored solutions for multi-tenanted apartments and commercial sites before expanding into retail electricity supply for homes and businesses in the Energex and Ergon Energy electricity distribution networks.

He said with the introduction of the Queensland Government's uniform tariff policy, LPE had been able to enter the market that was once mainly managed by one provider.

“Around six months ago LPE decided to give regional Queenslanders the power to choose their electricity provider,” Juvaid said.

Juvaid said it was important for residents to have a choice when it came to their electricity needs.

“For a long time this region has not had competition or choice in electricity supply,” he said.

“Electricity is a necessity and most of us avoid looking at the detail of how the total due is calculated.

“Competition makes consumers and businesses sharper. Customers start asking questions, learning more and expecting better.

“This is even more important than which company takes care of your electricity.”

LPE focus on energy needs including solar

Juvaid said as well as electricity for homes, businesses and apartments, LPE developed sustainable solutions to add solar electricity and battery storage to traditional electricity supply.

“For example, installing solar for apartments has been too difficult because of the shared roof and who can use that space,” he said.

“Now, one solar PV system with smart SolShare technology can be installed to deliver solar electricity in real time to all residents.

“This cost-effective solution was developed by LPE in an exclusive partnership with Allume, 2020 winner of the Clean Energy Council Innovation Award.”

With LPE now available to Bundaberg Region customers, Juvaid said the company had become heavily invested in the community.

“LPE has employed four locals in the Wide Bay Region, with two based in Bundaberg, and look forward to growing the team further,” Juvaid said.

“We are a local Queensland-based company providing local jobs and supporting local business, charities and clubs.

“Supporting local business keeps our money circulating in the local economy.”

JA Toft & Co serviced by LPE

Matt, Lyn and Richard from JA Toft & Co. The local business has recently switched energy providers to LPE.

Lyn Toft from JA Toft & Co said her local business made the switch to LPE in October last year and had since seen a reduction in their quarterly energy bill.

“We are now getting a rebate in our solar, which we weren't experiencing previously, plus we are down a couple of hundred dollars in our quarterly bill which is fantastic,” she said.

“We have found the team at LPE great to deal with.”

What to expect with LPE

Juvaid said while LPE was a separate entity to Ergon Energy Retail, electricity was still delivered through the Ergon Network.

The network is responsible for managing outages, faults or emergencies.

“If anyone experiences an issue, Ergon Network contact details are on every LPE invoice as well as LPE’s website,” Juvaid said.

“Meter reading is conducted by the same contractors and forwarded to LPE for billing.

“LPE is governed by the same laws, registrations and regulations as all Australian electricity retailers and commits to provide the personalised and transparent customer service.”

Juvaid said for those looking to find out more about LPE they could head to the website or phone 1800 040 168.

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  1. It is nice to know that we will be offered a choice of supplier for Electricity, just like the South East area of Queensland. As we all know, we in the rest of Queensland have always considered being discriminated against.
    We have Solar Panels on our home, and when I look at the LPE Website, it is not simple to understand. It is done in a way, that the average person would not know what their benefits would be, and how long would they last. They should explain how much homes with Solar Panels, and without the Solar Panels, would benefit The estimated costs per year seem quite expensive.

  2. Good afternoon Alfred, thank you for your interest in LPE. We are glad you appreciate being having a choice of electricity providers. LPE’s website is currently being updated so we apologise if some information is a little difficult to find right now. For the best rates for your home and solar, please contact us on 1800 040 168 or info@localityenergy.com.au and one of our team members will give you personalised service. Best regards, Colleen

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