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IWC lodges plans for further expansion

IWC building
IWC has lodged an application to further expand its facility which provides medical and health services to the community

There are plans to further expand the Indigenous Wellbeing Centre Limited (IWC) with a development application lodged for a new building.

The proposed building would accommodate a community care centre and health care service use.

The well-established not-for-profit organisation is located on the corner of Barolin Street and Sims Road.

The current application won’t be its first expansion with IWC opening its stage two extension in 2019.

Lodged by planning consultant Insite SJC along with plans prepared by local architect Tomas O’Malley, the applicant stated the proposed expansion was in keeping with the existing services on offer.

“Both uses are sought in line with previous and current related approvals as the
IWC provides a high level of medical care to the public,” the application said.

“The development specifically proposes a new office building of 490m2 floor area to the north of and linking to IWC’s “Stage 1” building that would perch over the existing car park …

“The new building would be accessible via two separate stairwells and a lift or via the Stage 1 building.”

According to the application, the construction of the proposed IWC office building would not alter the existing days of operation, being 6am to 9pm each day.

“…the IWC delivers to the regional community a suite of medical, health and body, and mindful wellbeing services,” the application said.

“The diversity and holism of these services are well portrayed in IWC’s website – https://www.iwc.org.au/.

“The proposed extension would further assure IWC’s ability to provide these services to a regional population that is projected to increase significantly over the next 15 years.”

The Material Change of Use application for the IWC office building is currently with Bundaberg Regional Council’s Development Group for assessment.

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