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Bandicoot or potoroo? Animal rescued from pool

Animal pool
The animal was rescued from the box filter of the pool at an Innes Park home this morning .

An Innes Park woman received a shock this morning when she found a very wet and exhausted animal in her pool’s box filter.

Julie Holmes said the creature was scared and worn out when she made the discovery at about 10 am.

“It was conscious and moving so we put it straight into a blanket and in sun in a secure basket,” she said 

“We were shocked to find it. 

“We have found snakes in there but nothing like this.”

Julie said at first, she was confused as to whether the animal could be a long-nosed potoroo, possum or bandicoot. 

The animal has since been taken to Bargara Vet Cross where it’s identity is currently in discussion. 

It will be transferred to wildlife carers this afternoon.

According to the Queensland Museum, long-nosed potoroos and bandicoots share very similar characteristics.

The potoroo hops much like a kangaroo, looks like the bandicoot in appearance but has a broader tail base.

Julie said the animal was now recovering well after the pool ordeal. 

“We love having the wildlife around and try to be animal friendly and leave water out for them,” she said. 

“We have now ordered several critter ladders for the pool so that frogs and other wildlife can get out of the pool if they get in.”