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Under-12 Bear Cubs put parents to the test

Under-12 Bear Cubs
Mums and dads of Under-12 Bear Cubs were put through their paces in a pre-State championship game.

In a friendly warm-up game Bundaberg Basketball Under-12 Bear Cubs hit the court taking on their parents before heading to State championships at Logan.

Comradery was evident between the young players as they went head-to-head against their mums and dads at Bundaberg Basketball Stadium on Friday afternoon.

While some of the parents realised just how hard it can be to run back and forth from one end of the court to the other end in each quarter.

Bundaberg Basketball Under-12
Bundaberg Basketball Under-12 Bear Cubs will head to Logan for the State championships. Back Row: Bella Keighley, Salina Hall, Indiana O’Brien, Auralie Ryan, Pyiper Redgard Front Row: Mikyla Coulton, Sage Ogilvie, Dalilah George, Indigo Morrison

Under-12 Bear Cubs coach Kym Haworth said the teammates were pumped to spend the start of their winter school holidays competing at Logan, and the playful rivalry against their parents before they headed off was the icing on the cake.

“This is the stuff they will remember in years to come,” Kym said.

“It shows the parents what is involved when it comes to playing – running up and down the court. And makes the last six months of training all worth it.”

Under-12 Bear Cubs assistant coach Lucinda Doughty said the friendships formed by the teammates would last decades, and this was evident in her own life.

“Kym and I have been friends for 20 years because of basketball,” Lucinda said.

“It’s a game you can play all your life, from a child through to competition and social levels.

Under-12 Bear Cubs
Bundaberg Basketball Under-12 player Auralie Ryan steps past mum Leslee and runs into manager Geteno, in a friendly warm up game before State championships.

“We look at that it (basketball) is not just about the kids, but the parents too who give up their time, and so having the parents verse kids game is our way of saying thank you for the commitment.”

The team packed their bags on Saturday morning and headed to Logan, along with the Bundaberg Basketball Under-12 Bulls, for the State championships.

While Bundaberg Basketball Under-14 Bulls will travel to Toowoomba, and Bundaberg Basketball Under-14 Bears will head to Mackay to compete at a State level.

The junior season at Bundaberg Basketball will return in October, and anyone interested can find out more information on the Facebook page.