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Apple Tree Creek flows again after unusual July rain

July rain
A side-by-side comparison of Apple Tree Creek from being dry for two years (left), to now flowing again after the unusual July rain (right).

Amazing footage of water flowing through Apple Tree Creek for the first time in two years has been captured by residents Darren and Gillian Enslin.

It comes as heavy rainfall was welcomed with open arms across the Bundaberg Region over the past few days, with 53mm recorded overnight on Saturday at the family's home.

Gillian said they had lived in Apple Tree Creek for 20 years and had never seen the area so dry before the weekend's wet weather kicked in.

“Darren was down in the paddock picking the last of the dragon fruit when he said he heard a gushing noise,” Gillian said.

“He saw the creek water start to flow and it was amazing to capture it.”

The husband-and-wife team also own Apple Tree Creek Honey and Gillian said they both let out a sigh of relief after the much-needed rainfall, as it would get their bees through the winter.

“It was awesome to have the rain,” she said.

A video captured by Darren and Gillian Enslin shows water flowing through Apple Tree Creek after two years of dry conditions.

“We keep bees and not having rain has been tough on them, we were worried about how they would get through the winter, but now the gums will be flowering.”  

Bureau of Meteorology's Pieter Klaassen said parts of the Bundaberg Region not only recorded it’s wettest July day in some years, but also recorded the wettest day so far for 2021.

“Some areas had the wettest day of the year, with 62mm at Woodgate,” Pieter said.

“It is interesting to see this significant rainfall in July, rather than in January or February which are normally the wettest months.

“Bundaberg also recorded the wettest day of the year.”

Pieter said Bundaberg Airport recorded its wettest July day in many years with 57.6mm of rain falling on Saturday, resulting in the highest July rainfall recording since 2008.

Although an exact amount of rainfall at Apple Tree Creek could not be given, Pieter said a number of places across the region exceeded the July average with Cordalba recording 70mm, Woodgate had 62mm and Bundaberg had 57.6mm.

Pieter said the Bundaberg Region could expect quieter weather across the next few days, and it was hard to say at this stage if a trough in the south would extend north to the Wide Bay.

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