Dry weather continues in January


Bundaberg had below-average rainfall in 2018 and the dry weather trend is continuing so far in 2019.

Just 742mm was recorded at Bundaberg Airport last year, which is well below the long-term mean of 1021mm.

Kellys Beach
It's perfect beach weather in the Bundaberg Region and many people are enjoying the conditions at Kellys Beach, Bargara.

Most of the rain fell in three months — January 126, February 266 and October 164.

Maximum temperatures in January this year are 1.6 degrees higher than the long term average, so far this year at a mean of 31.9.

The highest maximum in 2018 was 36.7 on February 15. February also had its lowest-ever maximum, reaching just 21.3 on the third.

The coldest temperature last year was an overnight minimum of 2.6 on July 15 while the the lowest maximum was 20.1 on July 1.

The forecast for the rest of this week is for mostly sunny weather apart from possible showers, with maximum temperatures in the range of 31-32 degrees.

Despite the ongoing dry conditions there is no official drought declaration for the Bundaberg Region.

Meanwhile, it's perfect conditions at the beach.


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