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Blue Lagoon Avocados a family affair

James, Michael and Thomas Courtice with the Blue Lagoon Avocados at Fresh Fields Farm

Courtice family siblings James, Thomas, Michael and Amie have a shared passion for local produce and work hard to grow delicious, plump fruit through their Blue Lagoon Avocados brand.

The group grows the fruit at Fresh Fields Farms in Littabella, which has been operated by the Courtice clan for the past 38 years.

Established by their father, the farm originally produced tomatoes before avocados were added to the menu, with the four siblings continuing to develop their brand.

James said while he, his brothers and sister had not always been part of the farm's operations, they were now all working together to help keep their family farming passion alive.

“We’ve grown up on the farm and spent school holidays here, we have all gone and done our own things but now we have all come back to the farm,” James said.

James Courtice with the Blue Lagoon Avocados at Fresh Fields Farm

“We all get along well and enjoy working together and coming to work every day.

“Being outdoors and working with my family, a lot of people don’t get to do that.”

James said he and his family pride themselves on producing quality produce over quantity, with each avocado carefully picked and packed before being distributed.

“We are just a small grower in such a big industry, and we’re focused on doing the best job that we can to give the consumer the best possible product,” he said.

“It is our responsibility to make sure people get the best possible product and come back and buy again.”

James said the farm had seen demand increase since Blue Lagoon Avocados was given the tick of approval from the Heart Foundation.

“Since we received that heart tick, the consumption per head across Australia has grown tenfold,” he said.

“Years ago, avocados were an exotic fruit that people didn’t know what to do with.

“They are now something that people are really starting to enjoy.”

Thomas Courtice with the Blue Lagoon Avocados at Fresh Fields Farm

Blue Lagoon Avocados provide produce to markets all over Australia, shipping nationwide from their pack house in Bundaberg.

The family are proud to be one of the Bundaberg Region growers responsible for producing 25 per cent of Australia’s fresh fruit and vegetables.

“It is vital for people to see what is produced in this region as we have a fantastic climate that can grow a large variety of things,” he said.

“It is great when farmers get their chance to showcase their products to the local community.

“We are the food bowl, so it is good to be able to contribute to the economy as well.”

With a passion for keeping things local, the Fresh Fields Farms team often attend the Shalom Markets and most recently took part in the Taste Farmers Markets.

Blue Lagoon
Brothers Thomas and James Courtice with their Blue Lagoon Avocados at the Taste Bundaberg Farmers Market

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