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Christmas comes early with rum ball liqueur

rum ball liqueur
Bundaberg Rum has had an overwhelming response to the festive flavoured liqueur on its Facebook page, and it will hit stores in October.

Christmas will come a little earlier for Bundaberg Rum lovers as the iconic brand will soon release a limited-edition Bundaberg Rum Ball Liqueur.

The sweet liqueur will encompass everything the perfect rum ball should, and include notes of warming rum, sweet spice, biscuit, cocoa and, of course, coconut.

Bundaberg Rum Ball Liqueur
Bundaberg Rum will share the festive season feeling with its newest release Bundaberg Rum Ball Liqueur.

Bundaberg Rum marketing and experience manager Duncan Littler said prior to the national release in October locals, and website customers, would be the first to indulge in the flavours of Christmas with the Bundaberg Rum Ball Liqueur.

“Prior to the national release in stores, locals will have access to the Bundaberg Rum Ball Liqueur from the distillery, at a date yet to be announced,” he said.

“It tastes exactly as it sounds – delicious flavours of Christmas.

“Bundaberg Rum is always enjoyed at Christmas time, now this is the perfect way to wrap up the day with an ending of rum ball liqueur.”

Announcing the release on its Facebook page, Bundaberg Rum has had an overwhelming response to the festive flavoured liqueur, that will hit stores nationally in October.

It’s not the first, and unlikely to be the last, time Bundaberg Rum has produced a delicious Christmas-inspired treat.

As Bundaberg Rum and Pauls teamed up for a second year in 2019 to provide sweet-tooths the ultimate smorgasbord of Christmas desserts including Rumball Custard, Vanilla Rum Custard and Bundaberg Rum Eggnog.

Bundaberg Rum also incorporated the home-grown flavours into a popular iced coffee two years ago, which created quite a following on social media.