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Multicultural Church Service continues as a tradition

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Sacred Heart Catholic Church community who will be hosting the Multicultural Church Service as part of Childers Festival

Over the past 18 years, Sacred Heart Catholic Church at Childers has hosted a special mass to recognise the multicultural community that calls the region home.

Due to be held again this year as part of the Childers Festival, the multicultural mass will acknowledge more than 14 different nationalities that make up the congregation.

All of these cultures will be recognised at the start of the mass when the flags of all countries are processed into the Church.

Prayers of the Faithful, offered during the mass, will be said in 12 different languages by parishioners from each of the countries.

Barry Cochrane from Sacred Heart Catholic Church Childers said the mass was a great opportunity for people to experience a service across many languages and parishes.

“The mass itself follows the normal Sunday Vigil Mass which will be celebrated by our Parish Priest, Father Onyema Eloagu, a Nigerian Priest who was ordained in Brisbane six years ago,” Mr Cochrane said.

“With many visitors welcomed to the town during the Childers Festival weekend, the Catholic faith community has joined in the spirit of the event.

“Over recent years we have established a tradition of coming together in prayer, song and colour to acknowledge and give thanks for two things: our diverse backgrounds and our common faith.”

Mr Cochrane said the Sacred Heart Catholic Church mass would provide the opportunity to celebrate the Childers region and all that it is famous for.

“The mass celebrates many things including the variety of our produce, our amazing and much-envied climate and the colourful heritage of the people who have made this little country town and surrounding district home,” Mr Cochrane said.

Mr Cochrane said people who attend the mass would leave feeling upbeat and pleased to have been part of the occasion.

“While this is a Catholic Mass, we invite people from all faiths to attend and take part,” he said.

The Multicultural Mass will be held under strict COVID guidelines and everyone attending will be required to check in using the QR Code, or manual sign in.

Event details:
Date: Saturday 24 July
Time: 6pm
Cost: Free
Location: Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Churchill St, Childers