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Innovation of local manufacturers highlighted in video

The video, by the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water, features a range of Bundaberg Region businesses.

The Bundaberg Region has been described as a “manufacturing powerhouse” in a recently released video featuring local businesses who have been leading the way in innovation.

Produced by the Queensland Government's Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water, the almost five minute video highlights how manufacturing and innovation has grown exponentially in areas including farming, science, engineering and more.

Local businesses including Aletek, Austchilli Group, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Canetec, Farm Fresh Foods, Multikraft Probiotics Australia, Macadamias Australia, Oreco and Sweet Potatoes Australia are featured in the film, each showcasing how innovation has been a driving force behind their operations.

“Manufacturing in Bundaberg is something where we are really only just getting started with,” Damien Botha of Sweet Potatoes Australia said.

“There are huge opportunities to leverage technology right around the world and the environment and food opportunities that we have makes us a huge global player.

“The opportunities in technology, innovation and big data are immense.”

Janelle Gerry from Macadamias Australia said innovation was at the core of growing a successful business.

“Manufacturing enables us to innovate and I think that is the wonderful thing about the Bundaberg Region is that we really are innovators,” she said.

“Because of the scale of many of the operations in this region, it enables us to spend a lot of time and money on research and development.”

A Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water spokesperson said the video was created to highlight the success of the manufacturing sector in the Wide Bay Burnett area.

“The video has a goal of showcasing the region’s capabilities to potential audiences, including workers, businesses thinking about setting up here, and allied industries looking for a thriving place to establish a base,” the spokesperson said.

“Regionally, manufacturing creates a significant amount of employment—both directly and indirectly.

“Strong business and employment opportunities are present in many relatively large and economically diverse regional centres across Queensland.

“These local manufacturing jobs are integral to the backbone of the regional economy in these areas.”

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