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New bakery owners add crocodile to menu

Paradise Bakehouse
Huyen Nguyen and Lam Khong have introduced crocodile pie to Paradise Bakehouse.

New Paradise Bakehouse owners Huyen Nguyen and Lam Khong say they are living in “paradise” after moving from Western Australia earlier this year.

The big move from the other side of the country has helped give the husband-and-wife team the opportunity to get creative, and they are now taking recipe suggestions, like kangaroo red wine or crocodile pie, from the community.

“People love to try new things, and people are loving the red wine kangaroo pies, crocodile pies and our breakfast pies and seafood pies too,” Huyen said.

“I used to live in Darwin in the NT, and the crocodile pies were popular there, so we thought why not try them here and give people something different.

“If no one told you it was crocodile you may not realise, but people do love it.

“People here also love seafood, so we have our seafood pie; it’s test and try for us.”

Huyen said she and Lam were travelling around Australia when they stopped to visit Moore Park Beach, and immediately fell in love with the coastal vibe and family-focused community.

“We really liked the weather here when we were travelling, so we met with the landlord for a quick chat, it was a quick decision we moved here in April and opened in the middle of May,” she said.

“Moore Park is family, it has a very friendly, supportive community.

“Our new life here is just like living in paradise.

“It (the new bakery) has been going so well because of the community – too much work and so popular, so we had to get more help and now my sister-in-law works with us too.”

Paradise Bakehouse
Huyen Nguyen said living in a region surrounded by beautiful, locally grown produce made it easy for them to try new recipes and sell them at Paradise Bakehouse, like this lime and lychee mousse dessert.

She said living in a region surrounded by beautiful, locally grown produce made it easy for them to try new recipes, like the lime and lychee mousse dessert, and sell them at Paradise Bakehouse.

“Most of the ideas we just come up with, as we listen to our customers,” Huyen said.

“A customer asked for capsicum, cheese and onion loaf, so we made it and now everyone loves it.

“We are listening to our customers because we are new here.

“There’s strawberry farms all around us, they are so fresh and delicious, so we now use them too.”

Paradise Bakehouse is open seven days a week, 6 am to 4 pm Monday to Saturday, and 6 am to 1 pm Sunday. For more information click here.

Paradise Bakehouse
Paradise Bakehouse in Moore Park Beach has plenty of treats on offer.
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