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Dual lanes could be added to McDonald’s ‘drive thru’

McDonald's Bundaberg West
Bundaberg West McDonald's will transform the car parking area to include a dual-lane drive thru.

Bundaberg West McDonald's wants to alter its “drive thru” to feature dual lanes and a new parking layout as part of work to update and improve the functionality of the site.

The fast-food chain recently lodged a minor change application for the development which was originally approved by Bundaberg Regional Council in 2004.

The application highlights a range of works involved in the upgrade.

The amended proposal includes the establishment of the dual lane drive-thru, a reduction in three car parking spaces and an amended car parking and manoeuvring layout.

Details of an additional corral and servicing area is also included in the application, with the space to allow for bin storage, waste removal and loading areas.

It is noted that the additional corral will further improve the functionality of the restaurant, particularly from a servicing and waste removal perspective.

The development application states additional servery window booths will be featured in the design which will slightly increase the gross floor area of the site.

According to the application, the works have been targeted with an aim to improve the functionality of the restaurant and to reflect contemporary McDonald’s restaurant design standards in order to improve the drive thru experience.

The Bundaberg West McDonald's restaurant will continue to be serviced within the current standard hours of operation.

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