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SSS Strawberries new shop part of business growth

seven successful siblings
Gina Dang said the new SSS Strawberry shop offered a range of strawberry themed products, including strawberry soft serve ice cream, gelato and shakes, strawberry jewellery, along with their freshly picked strawberries.

Residents and visitors alike will be able to enjoy more delicious products from SSS Strawberries with the business opening a new shop at the family farm.

General manager Gina Dang said the shop offered a range of strawberry-themed products, including strawberry soft serve ice cream, gelato and shakes, strawberry jewellery, along with their freshly picked fruit.

Since opening the new Rosedale Road shop, Gina said another new product that was flying off the shelves was their chocolate coated strawberries, which were sold individually, by the box or ordered as a gift in a bouquet arrangement.

“Our family has a birthday almost every month so we always buy heaps of flowers, but on top of flowers we were looking for something else as well,” she said.

“So my sister (Lilly Dang) made the strawberries into a beautiful bouquet – and that’s how we started to make these as gifts.”

The new shop is just one of many new business initiatives the Dang family has established since coming to the Bundaberg Region from Perth 15 years ago.

The business has also recently launched its freeze dried strawberries, available at the farm and in various shops around the region.

seven successful siblings
Coming to the Bundaberg Region 15 years ago from Perth, there were big dreams on the horizon for the seven siblings and their families.

Gina said the SSS name stood for Seven Successful Siblings and was based on how the strength of family could overcome any obstacle.

“In our first couple of years we struggled a lot; we struggled to learn the weather condition, the soil condition, literally everything we put down in the ground back then was either not good for the market or the crop was not good,” Gina said.

“We struggled a lot just to get by every day.

“My Mum always said to us, ‘if we struggle one chopstick can easily break, but a bundle of chopsticks together is harder to break’.

“That’s when we had a family meeting and decided to work together to build our life here.”

seven successful siblings
Gina and Lilly Dang at SSS Strawberries with the chocolate strawberry bouquet.

Since SSS Strawberries opened in Bundaberg the Dang family have established more than 140 acres, growing over two million strawberry plants.

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