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Margaret and Leigh’s sewing skills help those in need

Margaret and Leigh
Margaret and Leigh Evans have a passion for helping the community and have made hundreds of goodie bags over the years to bring a smile to the faces of those in need.

In 2013, Bundaberg East State School had 90 families impacted by flood water.

With some handy sewing skills and a passion for helping the community, Margaret and Leigh Evans got to work to create embroidered sachet bags filled with goodies to distribute to those affected.

It was a project close to the hearts of the couple, with Bundaberg East State School the place where Leigh had worked as a teacher before retiring.

Margaret and Leigh's passion for helping others has been featured as part of Bundaberg Regional Council's Our People Our Stories project, which aims to celebrate the local community.

The couple have been married for 57 years and share a love for volunteering their time to put a smile on the faces of those in need.

In fact, they have continued to make their goodie bags for many organisations throughout the region and beyond.

The project is something the couple enjoy doing and the work is made easier with Margaret’s fantastic sewing skills.

Diagnosed with a slow-moving muscular dystrophy at just 10 years old never stopped Margaret from taking up sewing, and after a bit of guidance from her mum, she became talented at the hobby.

Margaret and Leigh, through the help of friends, family and local organisations, have distributed hundreds of bags within the community, and even outback Australia, over the years.

“I’m sharing this story to encourage other people who use wheelchairs to get involved in helping their communities,” Margaret said.

“Although I do realise not everyone does quilting and embroidery!

“Every little bit helps to ease the pain for those who are going through desperate times.

“God loves you; people love you too – I hope this is the message people feel when they receive one of my bags.”

You can view the Our People Our Stories project here.