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Colour Frenzy helps brighten lives of rescue dogs

Colour Frenzy Bundaberg
Krystal Mackay and Katie Garratt along with Letty and Layla at this year's Colour Frenzy Bundaberg.

There was an explosion of colour at Queens Park as community members, along with their four-legged friends, turned out to Colour Frenzy Bundaberg to help brighten the lives of rescue dogs.

Held on Sunday morning, the annual fun run was a chance to get messy for a good cause, raising money for local animal rescue Red Collar Rescue.

Red Collar Rescue’s Sharyn Banks and Nerida Hepple were pleased with the community’s dedication to helping dogs, like Major, find a forever home.

Colour Frenzy Bundaberg
Red Collar Rescue's Nerida Hepple and Sharyn Banks with Major at this year's Colour Frenzy Bundaberg.

“The community coming together like this, helps us look after babies like Major, he came to us as a skeleton and is now putting on weight – he has the nicest temperament and loves time in bed,” Sharyn said.

“The only message we have is to remind people to desex their pets, microchip them, and be a responsible pet owner – we are so tired of working so hard!”

Nerida said events like Colour Frenzy Bundaberg provided crucial support for the local organisation, and she thanked the community for getting behind it.

“It’s really a great turn out today,” Nerida said.

“Thanks to the organisers, and sponsors of the event – it’s really awesome – so a huge thank you.”

Colour Frenzy Bundaberg
Amanda Graham, with Ruby and Ryan Marsh, said the annual Colour Frenzy Bundaberg was a wonderful event to attend during school holidays.

In its third year, Colour Frenzy Bundaberg attracted many families who spent the morning outside in the beautiful spring weather during the school holidays.

Amanda Graham and Ryan Marsh, along with their daughter Ruby soaked in the sunshine and joyous family atmosphere.

“It’s really fantastic, such a fun morning out,” Amanda said.

“We all enjoyed the different stations and spent way too long in the bubble pit!

 “It really is a great event for the school holidays and supports a good cause.”

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