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Dimmeys ready to serve up some bargains in Childers

Dimmeys Childers
Emma Carey getting Dimmeys in Childers ready for re-opening.

Dimmeys will soon reopen its doors to the Childers community, providing bargains-galore to local shoppers who have been missing the popular discount store since its closure a few years ago.

Steve Deckton has been on site for the past few weeks getting the family business at 62 Churchill Street ready to reintroduce to the public.

He said the business had been in his family for 40 years, owned by his uncle Doug Zapelly, and had enjoyed plenty of support from locals during that time.

“It was unfortunate that, due to the way the retail industry works plus Covid, the doors had to close for a while,” he said.

“However, we have managed to work out a plan to keep the tradition of Dimmeys continuing in the Childers area.”

Steve said there was already plenty of positive feedback coming from locals who had spotted the refit taking place in the main street.

“So far, so good! The locals have expressed happiness about Dimmeys opening up again,” he said.

“There was a lovely lady that came by last week who said she was so excited when she heard the news about the reopening that she couldn't sleep the night before.

“You know, Dimmeys has been around for a long time and a lot of people in the regional areas rely on it to pick up a bargain or to get what they need on a budget.”

Dimmeys Childers
Emma Carey getting Dimmeys in Childers ready for re-opening.

Steve said he had been working with the team to repaint and refit the store to get it in top shape for the new stock which would be arriving this week.

“We have donated a lot of the old stock to local charities to make room for the new range,” he said.

“Once open, we will have two or three local people employed, which is a really good thing in a small community.

“If we get lots of local support we will be able to grow and employ more people.”

Steve said while there wasn't an open day set in stone just yet he anticipated the store would be ready to welcome customers by the end of next week at the latest.

He said it may not be the only Dimmeys to reopen in the region, with plans starting to come together for a Bundaberg store.

“We also have a property in Bundaberg that we are looking to establish,” Steve said.

“Plans are still underway but we are 90 per cent certain that things will be starting to happen in the region soon.”