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Pulse Pilates to offer seaside classes

Melinda Pain is the owner of Pulse Pilates by the sea.

New business Pulse Pilates is encouraging people to soak up the Bundaberg Region coastline by hosting outdoor classes at seaside locations.

Melinda Pain established Pulse Pilates by the Sea after recently moving to the region and admiring the beautiful coastal locations.

“With the population explosion in the coastal suburbs, I noticed a huge gap in that there are minimal outdoor fitness classes on offer,” she said.

“We lived on the bay in Brisbane and every park was occupied with bootcamps or yoga or pilates, yet here we have stunning parks and even more beautiful views and I can’t think of a better place to workout listening to the crashing waves and the sea breeze.”

Pilates became part of Melinda’s life when she used it to recover from an injury and finding a passion for it in the years that followed.

“I fell in love with the endless benefits of pilates after using it to recover from a back injury and I was surprised at how well it assisted my recovery,” she said.

“Some of the exercises didn’t feel like they would do anything but by the following day I was feeling all the right muscles working.

“I then returned to pilates after the birth of my second child and while recovering from a c-section, as it was the perfect way to regain my strength, pelvic floor and core stability.”

It didn't take long before Melinda was hooked on the activity and turned her focus to becoming a pilates instructor.

“My passion for doing pilates quickly turned into a desire to teach it to others and so I started working for Studio Pilates in Brisbane two years ago,” she said.

Pulse Pilates
Melinda Pain is the owner of Pulse Pilates by the sea.

Melinda said her Bundaberg Region classes would feature 10 spots per session to book.

“This number allows me to give everybody personal attention and technique corrections, doesn’t feel too overwhelming for new clients but also creates a great encouraging vibe in class,” she said.

“I am offering six classes a week which will begin from Monday, 1 November.

“These are on offer Monday to Thursday and I anticipate I will add a Saturday morning class too due to the demand and requests I have received.

“These classes combine a mix of early morning, mid-morning, and a dedicated Mums and Bubs class which is proving popular.”

With not everyone being able to get to the set class times, Melinda said Pulse Pilates would also offer small group or private classes.

“I thought what better than to get a group of four or more of your closest friends together for a workout and some fun, or it would also be great for Mum groups,” she said.

Melinda said she had one key goal for Pulse Pilates and that was to see people enjoy themselves.

“Helping others to find joy in movement and strength is so rewarding,” she said.

“I truly love seeing my clients develop their skills, reduce pain, gain confidence, and increase movement and mobility.

“As the saying goes, if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life.”

You can find out more about Pulse Pilates by the Sea on Facebook or via their website.

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