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Milly Moo & Co launches DIY cooking kits

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Local resident Skye Zielke has launched her new business Milly Moo & Co

Local resident Skye Zielke has launched her new business Milly Moo & Co, offering DIY cookie and cupcake packs for children aged four to 12 years.

Skye said she decided to establish her business after struggling to find the perfect gift for her god-daughter during Covid lockdowns.

She said she wanted to send her something that was different to the usual presents of toys and clothes.

After posting a personalised hamper box filled with items to bake cupcakes and cookies, Skye realised there was a gap in the market that she thought she could fill.

“I wanted to send my god-daughter a gift that was unique and involved her being able to do something,” she said.

“She loved the hamper I made and sent her.”

From there, Skye’s Milly Moo and Co cooking kits were brought to life.

Skye said the DIY kits were suitable for a range of ages and were an ideal gift that kept young ones occupied and engaged through a fun learning experience.

“Milly Moo & Co is a hamper-based service for children who love to bake and get creative,” Skye said.

“The children use the items from the hamper to bake the cookies or cupcakes.

“While they are waiting for their items to cook, they can enjoy a colouring-in card which is also part of the kit before finally decorating their baked goods.”

Skye said each of the boxes that are available for order contain ingredients and instructions required to bake cookies or cupcakes.

“Each box contains pre-measured dry ingredients to make eight to 12 cupcakes, including cupcake holders, or cookies, toppings, colouring in card and pencils and an instruction card,” she said.

“Customers can expect an amazing unboxing experience, a unique gift in the mail and a gift that keeps on giving while making memories as a family.”

Skye said the inspiration for her business idea and name came from her daughter.

“Milly Moo & Co is named after my daughter, Amelia Grace, who we call Milly Moo,” she said.

“I want to show my daughter that if you put your mind to something you can do it.”

Skye has been working to bring the business to life since April, with the kits now available for delivery Australia-wide.

You can find out more about Milly Moo & Co on Instagram and Facebook.

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