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Sleep Matters gets healthy habits on track

Sleep Matters Bundaberg
Bundaberg's Nikita Miller has recently opened new business Sleep Matters.

Nikita Miller has recently opened new business Sleep Matters to help children and parents get healthy sleeping habits on track.

As a registered midwife, Nikita said she had seen exactly how sleep deprivation could impact new mothers and their babies.

In fact, she has had first-hand experience suffering from lack of sleep in her own personal life, which is what spurred her to open her business.

“I am a qualified infant and toddler sleep consultant who provides holistic care and education to families,” Nikita said.

“I became a sleep consultant when I had experienced true sleep deprivation as a new mother – if only I had someone to help guide me along the way I would have established healthy sleep habits much earlier.

“I’m also a registered midwife and see first hand what it’s like and what new mums are all going through from breastfeeding to sleep and more.”

Through Sleep Matters, Nikita provides services to the Bundaberg community ranging from phone appointments to in-home consultations.

She said she worked with each client to establish healthy sleep habits while ensuring a safe sleep environment.

“I strive to help you and your child get the sleep they need,” Nikita said.

“Whether you want to establish healthy sleep habits from early on or if you have a four-year-old toddler that has problems surrounding sleep.

“I help guide you throughout the process whilst providing you with age-appropriate sleep coaching methods that are safe, gentle and effective.”

Nikita said sleep was vital for not only a child’s growth and development but also for the health and wellbeing of a mother or family.

“Research shows when a child receives adequate and good quality sleep it promotes and improves attention, cognitive development, memory, behaviour, learning and overall mental and physical health,” she said.

“When a child becomes sleep deprived it leads to increased stress, forgetfulness, difficulties obtaining newly learnt skills and most of all – your child becomes frustrated and irritable.”

Nikita said the most common sleep problems that she saw included toddlers getting out of bed, early riser troubles, frequent wake ups overnight, associations to being fed to sleep or rocked to sleep, catnapping and much more.

“Although, your baby or toddler doesn’t need to have a sleep problem to enquire at Sleep Matters, you may simply want to establish some healthy sleep habits to promote smoother transitions between their developmental leaps,” she said.

“By establishing a good foundation early, you will promote better sleep and reduce common sleep issues providing good consistency and age appropriate awake windows and routines are in place.”

Nikita said she loved many things about her job but especially the way she could help families, especially new mothers.

“The best part most of all is that for all my newborn clients, I provide additional support through guiding you throughout your fourth trimester,” she said.

“What’s better than having someone there to help support you in your mother crafting, breastfeeding and journey of establishing a good foundation for sleep?”

To book a consultation with Nikita, follow the Instagram and Facebook pages for more information.

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