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Bundaberg growers featured in macadamia awards

Bundaberg Macadamia Awards
Jason Klotz of Red Rock Macadamias with AMS CEO Jolyon Burnett.

A raft of Bundaberg growers have been featured in a national awards event that showcases and celebrates macadamia industry champions.

The Australian Macadamia Society‘s Awards of Excellence honours the nation's best and most innovative macadamia growers and industry representatives.

Experienced growers Jason and Fiona Klotz, from Red Rock Macadamias in the Bundaberg Region, won the Large Grower of the Year Award which recognises the most productive and consistent orchard over a five-year period.

In an impressive result, they achieved an average of 5.8 t/ha (NIS) and 2.2 t/ha kernel.

Jason and Fiona have been operating out of their local farm, which sits between Elliott Heads and Bargara, for 15 years and have also established a second orchard in Childers.

They have recently been working on a project to refine harvesters to make crop work easier and more streamlined.

“From an innovation point of view, we really like to do things better every day,” Jason said.

“We have focused a little bit on the harvesting side of things, trying to improve the speed that we can travel and pick up as cleanly as possible.

“Our new harvesting system is basically a refinement on a lot of harvesters out there today.”

Local growers Daryl and Nicole Wake were also recognised through their Norm Greber Award win.

The award recognises the important role Daryl and Nicole have played in helping to ensure the availability of MCT1 scion wood to growers, and along the way, their efforts to conserve wild populations of macadamias for future generations.

Bundaberg growers awards
Local growers Daryl and Nicole Wake won the Norm Greber Award.

More of the region's winners include:

Best productivity

Large farms

  • Jason and Fiona Klotz (Red Rock Macadamias) 2.20 t/ha SKR

Small farms

  • Macadamia Farm Management (Quamby) 2.08 t/ha SKR

Best quality

Large farms

  • Macadamias Australia 0.46% RKR

Small farms

  • Craig Van Rooyen (Nunkeri) 1.17% RKR

Bundaberg macadamia growers congratulated

AMS CEO Jolyon Burnett congratulated all Awards of Excellence recipients.

“Our award winners are in inspiration to us all,” he said.

“These are people who understand what it takes to shine in the unpredictable and often unrewarding world of farming.

“We are an industry powered by the collaboration and innovative thinking of our people.

“Our award winners are a great example of this and are helping to drive our industry’s success.”