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Students help with recycling at Merry and Bright

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Tyler Norval and Dexter Radel came and collected the cans and bottles to be recycled.

In an effort to increase recycling from the Merry and Bright events, Bundaberg Regional Council partnered with Bundaberg North State School to ensure drink containers didn't end up in landfill.

More than 400 drink containers from the events, held at Bundaberg Botanic Gardens, were collected by school students and recycling through the Containers for Change Scheme.

After assisting with parking, Bundaberg North State School was invited to collect the empty cans and bottles from the Merry and Bright Christmas Village nights.

The school then recycled them and collected the 10 cents per container.

Bundaberg North State School P&C Secretary Terri Norval said, while the school was already actively involved in the Containers for Change scheme, the Merry and Bright recycling opportunity was welcomed.

“The opportunity to collect the empty cans and bottles from the Merry and Bright Christmas Village events added to the benefits received through the scheme and will allow the P&C to purchase equipment that all students at the school can benefit from,” she said.

“I would encourage other schools and community groups to embrace the Containers for Change scheme and help their school and planet at the same time.”

Merry and Bright recycling raises funds

Students Tyler Norval and Dexter Radel said it was great to be able to recycle the more than 400 cans and bottles and use the funds raised to benefit the students at their school.

“We had to come out and collect cans at the night-time events which we then gave back to the school and they have recycled for money that we can use for new equipment,” they said.

“It is good to be able to do something for the environment and make sure the cans are recycled properly.”

If there are other school or community groups interested in being involved in future recycling initiatives at upcoming Bundaberg Regional Council events, please contact the team via email here.

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