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New publican remains positive after floodwater rises

Apple Tree Creek Pub
Floodwater rose quickly at Apple Tree Creek Pub. New publican Geoff Glossop took this photo showing the depth of the water.

The tanks are busted and flooding has reached a metre up the back steps, but there’s cold beer and a smile remains on the face of Apple Tree Creek Pub's new publican Geoff Glossop.

Residing at Woodgate Beach, Geoff thought he’d stay the night in the pub on Friday as a precaution to the expected weather event, and this choice had him up in the early hours of Saturday morning as heavy rain fell across the region.

“I got up at 4am after a sleeping like a baby listening to the rain on the tin roof, and within 30 minutes the water came up one metre,” Geoff said.

Video from Geoff's vantage point at the pub while floodwater rises beneath him.

“One water tank is now busted and the other is ready to go. My gas bottles are on their side, so I have no gas for cooking, and staff can’t get here either.

“Things are damaged, but I still have cold beer!”

Geoff, his wife Elena and their four young children moved to the region after they purchased Apple Tree Creek Pub eight weeks ago.

Renovations started immediately and the pub reopened recently.

“We spent a few weeks here renovating the kitchen before opening – the locals are so friendly and they have been really supportive,” he said.

Apple Tree Creek Pub
Geoff Glossop, his wife Elena and their four young children, moved to the region after they purchased Apple Tree Creek Pub eight weeks ago.

“I grew up in the Isis Region and I knew it flooded, but nothing like this.

“The park near the pub is flooded and they had to tow a caravan with debris stuck under it out of there.

“I am used to it though as I have lived down at Murwillumbah for 20 years or so and it floods all the time there.”

Geoff said by 8am this morning the water started to drop and the rain had eased.

“It’s just trickling at the moment,” he said.

“The water is dropping as quickly as it rose. I can’t get home to Woodgate, but at least the beer is cold.”

In good spirits Geoff said he wasn’t sure when Apple Tree Creek Pub would return to full operation, but he thanked the locals who had supported the family business so far and those who called to check they were okay after the heavy rain.

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