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Community farewells true ‘country copper’

Geoff Fay Childers Police
Sergeant Geoff Fay celebrates his last day with Childers Police with wife Cecily. Photo Wayne Heidrich

Sergeant Geoff Fay performed one last patrol of the streets of Childers last Friday, deciding to call it a day after 42 years in the Queensland Police Service.

He began his career as a cadet in 1980 before spending time in Brisbane, Winton, Kingaroy, Mareeba and Middlemount.

Inspector Anne Vogler congratulates Sergeant Geoff Fay on 42 years of service.

In 1998 Sergeant Fay took up the position of Officer in Charge of Childers Police Station where he has spent the past 23 years.

Technology has certainly advanced during his 42 year career from typewriters, ink fingerprints and Ford Falcon XDs to carrying all his equipment on a vest, meetings via Teams and iPads delivering more information than ever imagined.

During his time in Childers, he was known as ‘The Sarg’ to locals as he well and truly became part of the community.

This was evident by the large number of community groups, emergency services personnel, retired police officers and friends that attended a farewell morning tea in his honour.

Sergeant Fay was piped from the station through a guard of honour, before one last drive around town in the police car.

Geoff Fay Childers Police
Geoff was driving the car in a Cavalcade that featured police and emergency services vehicles. Photo Wayne Heidrich

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