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Students see double as they mark Twosday 2022

Twosday students
Childers State Primary School students and teachers went all out to dress up for Twosday. Pictured is two peas in a pod, Noah and his ark and Queen Elizabeth II

Two peas in a pod, Queen Elizabeth II and even Noah with his ark – featuring a pair of each animal – were on display at Childers State School this morning to celebrate Twosday.

Today's unique date is a mathematical rarity and is known as Twosday right around the world.

According to Time and Date, February 22, 2022 is a palindrome day, meaning the date can be read the same way backward and forward when written in the m-dd-yy format.

The fact that it falls on a Tuesday makes it even more special.

To mark the occasion, Childers State Primary School students and teachers have dressed up in outfits that showcase the number two.

Administration officer Roxanne Harney said there were plenty of imaginative and quirky costumes on display including tutus, twins and characters that comes in twos.

“We got some very creative responses from students including all of these plus Noah’s Ark, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the ‘twoth' fairy and two peas in a pod,” she said.

“Plus our principal, Robyn Philpott, has dressed as HRH Queen Elizabeth II.”

Roxanne said not only was the whole cohort at Childers State School involved in the dress up, Twosday was also focused on learning more about the number two.

“Teachers are including activities featuring two into the day such as maths activities with two digit multiplication, counting in twos, working with doubles and literacy activities around the homophones to, two and too,” she said.

“We wanted to have a fun event for the students to look forward to in these early weeks.

Twosday Childers
Plenty of tutus were on show at Childers State School.

“Plus we thought that it was quite a significant date and it seemed like too good of an opportunity to dress up!”