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New business Beasty Beans Cafe opens doors

Beasty Beans Cafe
Beasty Beans co-owner Tam Arany and her staff Jess Barnett and Zoe Notridge are excited about the new business venture.

A passion for early mornings and a good cup of coffee has inspired business owners Tam Arany and Russ Seesink to open new coffee shop Beasty Beans Cafe.

When the opportunity arose to purchase the café on the corner of Birks Street and Dunn Road, just down the road from Boreham Park, the owners of neighbouring business Booty and the Beast Fitness took the opportunity to jump into a new venture.

Tam and Russ have worked side-by-side for many years.

While they both have very different career backgrounds, they’re dedication to fitness and share a love of coffee.

“We get up really early in the morning and I love coffee – so coffee is essential,” she said.

“We were actually being nosey, and Russ saw it advertised on Gumtree and shot me a message.

“And then we thought well we are next door and kind of already there – I wonder what would happen if we bought a coffee shop.

“I’m actually trained as an IT tech, and I retrained as a personal trainer, and now we own a coffee shop.

“There is a huge difference in professions but there is a progression.

“I have no experience in hospitality at all and neither does Russ – he used to be a fitter and turner fresh out of high school, before he became a PT.”

Tam said despite this they were not flying blind as they had confidence in their staff who had many years of combined local hospitality experience between them.

Beasty Beans Cafe
New business Beasty Beans Cafe owners Russ Seesink and Tam Arany and excited about opening their doors next door to Booty and the Beast fitness.

Beasty Beans Café held a soft opening this week and the plan is to go full steam ahead, trading seven days a week with the grand opening taking place on Saturday, 19 March, between 7 am and noon.

“We will have our full opening, serving delicious breakfast, from next Saturday,” she said.

“We are such big dog people, and as we have the Boreham Park down the street, we’ve already found people call in as they walk their dogs, and we just love that.

“In the future to service that we will open up the window on the side and have dog bowls and everything out for them, so people can call passed and grab a coffee as they are on their way.”

Tam said as they owned Booty and the Beast, the name of the Beasty Beans Café just seemed to fit.

“It was fun trying to find a name, and with Booty and the Beast, and with coffee beans I guess Beasty Beans just seemed to work,” she said.

“It was actually 15 years ago, and I worked for Security Plus Computers in this block and I actually worked there as a tech – It’s really weird how things come about.

“I never thought I would go from IT to fitness and now we’ve combined hospitality, but we are excited about where this will take us.”

Beasty Beans Café is located at 8 Birks Street, Avenell Heights.

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