LifestyleThe Bundy Jam Session promotes local talent

The Bundy Jam Session promotes local talent

The Bundy Jam Session
Jay Furnish at The Club Hotel ready for The Bundy Jam Session to launch.

A new event aimed at bringing local musicians together will be launched this weekend and those with a passion for performing are invited on to the stage.

Jay Furnish and Rodney Wheat have teamed up to present The Bundy Jam Session and said the idea came about after wanting to create a space for current and up-and-coming musicians to play.

“The Bundy Jam Session is an event to encourage like-minded people to venture on a stage and jam – from testing a new or old songs out to jamming with others and creating grooves,” Jay said.

“It's a great way of catching up with everyone, no matter what level of musical experience they have.

“It's about getting together for a jam and see where the music will go.”

Jay said The Bundy Jam Session would launch this Sunday and be rolled out every month at The Club Hotel, which was supporting the event by providing the venue, stage and PA systems.

Well-known guitarist Jay Furnish from Smooth Velvet band said he knew firsthand how important it was to create a community of passionate musos and those who love listening.

“The Bundy Jam Session hopes to bring another musical outlet for local musicians in the Bundaberg area by offering a stable platform to play and jam at an established venue,” Jay said.

“With a strong support for The Bundy Jam Session, The Club Hotel beer garden has the best place to hold this type of event with a relaxed atmosphere – it’s about getting Bundaberg locals together.

“It will also encourage everyone who loves a Sunday session to chill out with a coldie and check out and support some live music.”

The Bundy Jam Session
Roberto Dunn, Rodney Wheat and Jay Furnish ready to jam.

Jay said everyone was invited to the first event this Sunday from 1pm at The Club Hotel.

““New and regular musos can come along to play some tunes, whether you are an acoustic guitarist, a band or any other variation, bring your voice or instrument” he said.

You can find out more about The Bundy Jam Session on the Facebook page here.

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