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Growth to see some waste collection days change

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Waste collection days will change for about 8000 households from August 1 following a review of operations.

A significant jump in new households will see Bundaberg Regional Council’s waste collection days change for some residents from August 1 to maintain efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The updated schedule will see kerbside bin collection days change for about 8000 households in Millbank, Svensson Heights, Norville, Bingera, South Kolan, part of North Bundaberg, Oakwood, Sharon, Kalkie, Thabeban, Avenell Heights and Bargara.

With steady growth experienced throughout the region in recent years, Council’s waste and recycling collection team would generally see new services grow by an average of 300 per year.

However in late 2021 new services jumped to 650 and were largely concentrated in coastal areas which are collected on a Wednesday.

Waste and Recycling portfolio spokesperson Cr Tanya McLoughlin said the population growth was a positive for the region but necessitated a review of operations.

“This review, which takes effect in August 2022, will ensure there is a more even spread of household waste being collected throughout the week,” Cr McLoughlin said.

“When reviewing the collection days staff have been able to optimise efficiencies and factor in future growth to the new schedule.

“This helps us to make the most cost-effective use of assets, staff and resources while continuing to offer a high level of service.”

She said the changes would also benefit the Impact Community Services staff which hand-sorted recyclables on behalf of Council.

“Reducing the growing workload which has become disproportionately high on particular days will ensure Impact staff have the capacity to maximise the recovery of recyclable materials.”

To ensure impacted residents are aware of the upcoming changes to waste collection days Bundaberg Regional Council will undertake an awareness campaign ahead of August 1.



  1. We need bins collected more than 1 day week , the dump costs are sickening for us pensioners, and some of the staff out there need a lesson in politeness, The bins are to small for households needs maybe bigger bins will solve the situation of bins being placed out on the streets with the lids open and the bins packed to the rafters, in the wind the contents are blowing all over our front lawns looks an eyesore or more like a council failure for the cost to our Rates as home owners Renters just dont care .

  2. For Dawne Bowman, I live in a household of six, our waste bin is only ever half full when it is emptied. Do you think perhaps you need more information on what can be recycled and what should go to landfill?

  3. Sorry but better food waste disposal and better recycling would be better options than bigger bins. Bundaberg people are behind the rest of Australia when it comes down to it. Bundaberg council needs to introduce green bins for garden refuse. Most other shires have green waste bins…We pay huge rates for minimal service.

  4. Dawne, I’m not only a renter, I have a family of 5, and we manage to get all our rubbish and recycling into the bins, and close the lids. Please do not assume that all people who rent don’t care, some of us do.
    Whilst dump costs are rising, if you need to dump green waste, and you make sure there’s no rubbish in it, it is much cheaper than a load of garbage. There is also at least 1 local businesses who will accept clean green waste free of charge.
    Please also try not to give ‘pensioners’ a bad name. People may assume that your attitude is reminiscent of all pensioners, some are polite!

  5. What are the Bundaberg rubbish collection changes commencing 1st August? Please advise ASAP.

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