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Reducing unwanted litters focus of Operation Wanted

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Operation Wanted: Bundaberg RSPCA's Lorin Gray says it is important for pet owners to have their animals desexed.

Bundaberg Region pet owners are being encouraged to visit participating veterinary clinics to receive 20 per cent off the cost of desexing as part of Operation Wanted.

The annual RSPCA campaign has partnered with Bundaberg Regional Council and a number of local vets to help incentivise residents to desex their pets to reduce unwanted litters of kittens and puppies.

Bundaberg RSPCA animal care manager Lorin Grey said one simple operation could provide many health benefits for your pet and prevent thousands of unwanted animals ending up at pounds and shelters every year.

“There's so many reasons why you should desex your pets, for the animals themselves it can have health benefits down the track in terms of reducing rates of certain types of cancers.

“The number one reason is to reduce unwanted litters.

“At the moment we have our little kitten Sawyer here who is one of a litter of seven… there are so many unwanted and homeless animals like Sawyer who need to go into safe homes and desexing your pets can go a long way in helping us combat that.”

Council's Health, Compliance and Enforcement portfolio spokesperson Cr May Mitchell said during Operation Wanted, dog owners applying for registration for the first time would be offered an incentive.

“Council is offering free first-time dog registrations in the hope of encouraging more people to desex their pets,” she said.

“Not only does this operation benefit your dog's quality of life, but it will also reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies which ultimately lead to a lot more animals out on the street.

“To apply for free, first-time registration of your dog just fill out the online form or speak to one of Council's customer service officers.”

Operation Wanted helps pets and pet owners

Bundaberg Greencross vet Dr Melanie Power said Operation Wanted provided benefits for both pet owner and pet.

“For some people, desexing an animal is quite expensive and times are tough these days so the 20 per cent off initiative is really worth taking advantage of,” she said.

“There are a lot of feral cats and wild dogs out there and they have an impact on wildlife in the area.

“By having your pets desexed not only are you reducing the risk of diseases that they can have, you are also stopping the unnecessary number of litters.”

Find out more about Operation Wanted here.

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