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Pete O’Brien takes music to the USA

Pete local music
Local muso Pete O'Brien in his studio.

Bundaberg musician Pete O'Brien is taking his country rock sound to the world after recently being signed to United States-based 9 Lives Records.

It's a massive feat for the local artist who has been perfecting his music for the past 30 years, playing gigs around Bundaberg and beyond either solo or with band 2EZ.

Pete said signing with the indie record label, based in Kentucky, could potentially pave the way for even bigger things in his career.

“The company is a feeder for Sony USA,” he said.

“It’s very hard to get your name and music out so with this opportunity, it may help.

“I am signed for a one-album deal at the moment which I am very excited about.”

That album, called Wildfire, is set to launch in America on 25 June and Australia on 26 June.

“Wildfire is country rock fused with electronica, I always like to fuse different genres of music together because it makes it exciting for the audience,” Pete said.

“All the songs have different meanings to me.

“I suppose out of all the songs one that grabs me the most is a song called Butcher of Balmoral, which is about my grandfather who was a butcher in Brisbane in the Second World War and how he fed the poor and looked after them.”

Pete O'Brien promotes all local music

Pete said for his local fans, a special album launch event will be held at Café 1928 in the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens.

He said it would be an opportunity for music lovers to expand their knowledge of other local artists.

“I will have the pleasure of showcasing some of Bundaberg's upcoming original artists,” Pete said.

“Every launch I showcase the young locals.

“I think its important to give them a stage to show the people of Bundaberg what amazing talent we have in this town.

“At the Wildfire launch I will have Peter Sajko playing some of his originals and Mercia Griffies from Jo Carr Singing School.

“Mercia is an 11-year-old powerhouse who has already sang our national anthem at various events.”

Pete said after three decades of working in the entertainment industry he was excited about the next chapter of his career with the signing of his record label deal.

He said it was a good reminder for others to keep pushing.

“My message to all young musicians is never give up on your dream,” Pete said.

“Work hard, listen and respect those who have done the hard yards and for those aged musicians like myself remember you're never too old to rock n roll.”