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Evolution of technology the focus of Hinkler Innovation

Hinkler Innovation breakfast
Cyber security specialist Gabe Marzano will present to the audience at the upcoming Hinkler Innovation Series breakfast.

The evolution of technology and how it impacts our daily life will be the focus at this year's Hinkler Innovation Series breakfast.

The annual event was established by Bundaberg Regional Council to recognise innovation and entrepreneurship both locally and at a global level

At this year's breakfast special guests including co-founder of Australian information security firm CTRL Group Bastien Treptel and cyber security specialist Gabe Marzano will present to the audience.

Gabe Marzano is a business professional working in cyber security for Palo Alto Networks.

She has experience in leading a multi-million dollar software businesses, is a recognised industry leader on global technology trends and has been awarded global and regional awards for her innovative work in the information technology industry.

Gabe talks cyber security at Hinkler Innovation Series breakfast

At this year's Hinkler Innovation Series breakfast, Gabe said she was excited to showcase an interesting and unique presentation to the audience.

“People can expect an interesting presentation that is both emotionally and intellectually engaging, whilst being light-hearted and different in delivery,” she said.

“I like to bring complex concepts and ideas and ensure they're relatable, personable and thought-provoking to a wide and diverse audience.

“Most importantly, I'll always deliver a presentation that is optimistic and positive in interweaving these key technology and cyber security themes into useful tidbits of information.”

Gabe has a unique background, having served seven years in the Australian Army as a Combat Engineering Officer, where she became the first female to qualify as an Army Work Diver.

“There are so many transferable skill sets from the military into cyber security, and we're starting to see them become more recognised, leveraged and celebrated now which I believe is really exciting,” she said.

“I have realised that good cyber security practitioners understand the ‘hacker' mindset, or the adversarial nature of the attacker versus the defender, which is engrained in thinking and behaviour in the military.

“We take a physical battlespace and operating environment from the Army and translate it into the digital, cyber landscape now as the ‘fifth domain' in warfare and see so many links and security similarities between them both. “

Gabe is increasingly fascinated by technology and the way it shapes the world, particularly its impact on people, psychology and society, shaping her insatiable interest in becoming a global technology leader.

“I personally like to define technology as ‘any advancement to humanity',” she said.

“Nowadays we think of advancements such as artificial intelligence and advanced software as technology, which are good examples of how cyber security technologies are advancing to better protect people.

“Additionally, we have various technology frameworks, strategies and systems to provide better security posture to organisations, and enhanced functions to provide better security measures for individuals.

“Technology will continue to evolve with more exciting domains of cyber being created.”

The 2022 Hinkler Innovation Series breakfast will be held at the Bundaberg Multiplex, 1 Civic Avenue, on Thursday 23 June from 6.45 am to 9 am.

Purchase tickets here.

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