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Students test interview skills for Jobs Commitment

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Bailey & Amanda Hardman at the mock interview session.

Local grade 10 students were given the chance to take part in mock interviews to test out their interview skills as part of the Bundaberg Jobs Commitment program.

The Jobs Commitment program was launched in 2020 and saw Bundaberg Regional Council partner with local schools and industry partners with a goal to address long-term youth unemployment by connecting disengaged youth with local employers.

At the mock interview session held this week, local industry representatives volunteered their time to help the students to prepare for future interviews by mocking up an interview and then providing them feedback.

The students got to meet with volunteers for interviews in which they were asked two questions they had the opportunity to prepare for, and two extra questions requiring them to think on their feet.

From this, they were then provided a feedback sheet to assist them in improving their skills for future interviews.

Bundaberg State High School student Bailey participated in the activity and said he found the morning very helpful, providing him the opportunity to get feedback on his interview skills ahead of going to real interviews in the future.

“I would definitely encourage anyone to come along if they have a mock interview opportunity because it is very helpful,” Bailey said.

“It gave us the chance to get feedback so that we can prepare better for when we have to go to a real job interview.

“We had to develop a resume and cover letter during class leading up to today, and we also had to have a job to apply for today and prepare for two key questions, tell us about yourself, and what do you know about the industry.”

Craig Lear interviewing a student

Interview skills prepare students

Bailey said he took the job advertisement for an apprentice carpenter as it was a field of work that he was passionate about.

“I used the job ad for an apprentice carpenter because I am passionate about the industry,” he said.

“My interview went well, and I have learnt that how you present yourself and maintaining eye contact is very important, along with how you dress.

“If you look like you are prepared and responsible, that is very helpful in getting a job.”

The Bundaberg Jobs Commitment is about connecting employers with youth to inspire and assist them in making decisions to pursue a life that includes work and education after they leave school.

You can find out more about the program here.

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