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How to: Get involved to see One Million Trees planted

one million trees
Tree planting at the One Million Trees launch.

Bundaberg Regional Council invites residents, businesses, schools and community groups to work together to plant One Million Trees planted.

You can get involved by:

  • Registering a tree: make your trees count towards the community goal
  • Landholder program: Receive up to 250 free native trees for your land
  • Free seedling vouchers: Receive two free seedlings for your home.
  • Community planting: Suggest a park or pathway for our team to plant some trees.

Find out more on the program here.

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  1. How about a native fruit tree these can provide food as well as be a tree.

    Bunya pines (bunya nuts) & Macadamia would be great in the Bundaberg region as there already grown here but there’s also…

    Davidson’s plum
    Kakadu plum
    Illawarra Plum
    Lilly pilly
    Desert Lime
    Native Fig
    Native Pepperberry
    Lemon myrtle (for leaves)
    Marsdenia (Bush Banana)
    Lady Apple/Red bush apple
    Quandong (Native Peach)
    Finger lime

  2. A great location to plant trees would be behind the Bundaberg South School Sporting Complex to add to the trees planted by students of the school. A space was left when the old Scouts building was removed on Walla Street. The space that is left still is a small triangle that is unlikley to be used for any other purpose.

    Another great location would be the huge pieces of land on Walla & Park Streets opposite the Skate Bowl it’s really doubtful that there going to build there as it’s a flood area may as well make it a green zone filled with trees.

    There’s another big space at bywash park that could do with some trees.

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