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New trade waste application more accessible

trade waste online application
Bundaberg Region businesses taking steps to manage trade waste can now make their applications online.

Local businesses disposing of trade waste will be able to have their applications made more accessible with Council’s new online process.

The new trade waste process will allow plumbers and business owners to complete the application process through an online form.

All liquid waste generated by industry, small business and commercial enterprise is referred to as trade waste.

Water and wastewater portfolio spokesperson Cr Jason Bartels said the new system was more accessible and had a focus on innovation.

“The new process is beneficial to local businesses as it will speed up the application process and reduce the number of resources needed each time,” Cr Bartels said.

“There are currently two forms that businesses must complete in regard to trade waste, so the new online application of one form will also save them time.”

Cr Bartels said trade waste excluded domestic wastewater such as toilets, showers, hand basins and other domestic fixtures.

He said the new process also had artificial intelligence built into the submission, creating efficiencies for Council and allowing the application to be created automatically, while updating existing submissions.

“Plumbers or business owners will already be on our website lodging relevant government forms and plumbing applications, so it makes sense that they can also complete the trade waste aspects at the same time as often these go hand in hand,” he said.

Although there will still be access to a hardcopy version of the application, customers will be able to complete the whole application process on the Council’s website.”

Bundaberg Regional Council is responsible for preventing trade waste contaminants from entering the sewerage system, ensuring that the health and safety of the community and the environment is protected.

The Water Supply (Safety & Reliability) Act 2008 prohibits the discharge of non-domestic wastewater into the sewerage system, unless you have prior authorisation from Council.

If you own a property, business or organisation which produces, or may produce, liquid trade waste, an application must be made to Council for approval.

What is trade waste?

In some instances, trade waste may contain toxic or harmful substances, such as oil, heavy metals, solids, organic solvents or chlorinated organics.

Uncontrolled or illegal discharge of trade waste may cause serious problems in the sewerage system such as flooding and overloading, blockages, corrosion, hazardous work environments and failure of the sewage purification process.

For more information about trade waste or the new online application process, head to Council’s website.

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