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Marilyn Vizard first-time arts festival winner

marilyn vizard win
Winner of the Pat Walker Memorial Award, Marilyn Vizard, with judges Gail Thomas and Regina John Luan, Sarah Le Lagadec from Moore Park Lions, Leigh Walker and Moore Park Beach Arts Inc President Trish Mears.

New resident Marilyn Vizard was a first-time entrant into the recent Moore Park Beach Arts Festival competition and to her surprise, she took out first place.

The weekend event saw more than 250 entries, with Marilyn presented with the Pat Walker Perpetual Art Trophy for her floral-inspired artwork.

Marilyn said she decided to enter her pieces before hanging them on the walls of her new home.

“We bought a little house in Moore Park Beach and saw the competition advertised,” she said.

“I thought I would enter some of the pieces that I bought up with me to decorate the house with and see how I would go.

“It was a big surprise they won and I feel very happy to be part of the arts community in Moore Park Beach now.”

marilyn vizard win
Marilyn's winning piece from the Moore Park Beach Arts Festival.

Marilyn described her art as a collage, with the piece being made up of a number of layers of rice paper.

“It was inspired from my love of the magnolia flower,” she said.

“It has a collage background and then I scrunch up a bit of rice paper and put the rice paper all over the collage and start painting the magnolia on top of it. “

Having taken up art about twelve years ago, Marilyn said she was looking forward to sharing her skills with the Moore Park Beach community.

“My father is an artist and I always said when I retired I will go and do something, do a course or something like that, so I have learnt many different techniques,” she said.

“Coming from Canberra, there is a lot of art there and some wonderful artists.

“There are a lot of techniques to learn and I would love to pass that on to the people up here.”

Eloise takes out primary school category

Eloise Harradine's drawing which took out first place.

Eloise Harradine entered two pieces to the primary school category of the art competition, including a drawing and a sculpture which took out first and second place.

Eloise said she was excited for people to see her work, as she hoped it provided inspiration for their own art.

“I drew a picture of a castle and I also made a sculpture of a dragon and the drawing came first and the sculpture came second,” she said.

“I like art because you can be creative and draw or paint whatever you want and there are so many colours to chose from and ways to decorate things.

“I am really excited and proud and I am excited for everyone to see my art as an inspiration so they can try their best.”

MPPB Art Festival
Eloise Harradine took out the primary school category in the Moore Park Beach Arts Festival competition.

This year’s art competition saw a 70 per cent increase of entries on last year.

You can find out more about the Moore Park Beach Arts Festival here.

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