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Childers Nature Camp sets eco goal

Childers Nature Camp
Matt Roberts with his children at Childers Nature Camp,

The family behind Childers Nature Camp is putting eco-tourism and sustainability at the top of their to do list after signing on to become one of the region's eco-certified businesses.

Matt and Reen Roberts operate the local tourist park and said the chance to gain extra credentials through Bundaberg Regional Council's ECO certification incentive was something they had jumped on.

The aim of the incentive is to grow visitor economy and promote ecotourism by providing a 50 per cent cash subsidy to eligible businesses/operators to offset the first annual certification fee payable to Ecotourism Australia.

“It assists us to build a better eco sustainable tourism business for future generations to enjoy,” Matt said.

“Eco-certification means a lot to our business and community because it means we can help preserve nature rather than destroy it.

“It helps guide our business practices in the right direction and helps us grow and co exist with nature and for everyone to enjoy.”

Childers Nature Camp is situated at 264 Cooks Road, South Isis and was established in 2018.

“We wanted to create a place where people can come and enjoy nature at its finest,” Matt said.

“Particularly people with a disability as there was not a lot to offer people around the area at the time where you can get away from technology and the busy town or city life and go to and learn and experience nature.”

Since then, Matt and Reen have been establishing a range of processes to protect their surrounding environment at Childers Nature Camp.

“We currently recycle most of our customers' waste by supplying a bin for each waste product such as bottles, cans, paper, cardboard and compost bins,” Matt said.

“We also have a tree planting program and have planted over 300 native species around the camp to date and our koala habitat area has been planted out with 100 blue gum trees.

“All our camp is off grid, solar powered and we collect and store rain water in large tanks and dams to provide for the camp's wildlife and the day to day operations.”

Matt said gaining eco-certification was another step in continuing to create a space that celebrated the environment.

“Childers Nature Camp is about getting back to your grass roots enjoying what we have created for others to enjoy, preserving what little natural surroundings we have left,” he said.

“We are passionate in what we do and it reflects on how we strive to provide a memorable and educational experience showing people how fragile our ecosystem is and how it needs us to do the right thing now and into the future.”