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Pies baked in paradise win gold

Great Aussie Pie Competition Paradise Bakery
Paradise Bakery owner Lam Khong is thrilled with the swag of recent awards in the Great Aussie Pie Competition.

Chicken mango, lamb rosemary and beef stew are just a few of the pies that helped Paradise Bakehouse in Moore Park Beach win gold in the Great Aussie Pie Competition.

The local bakery won a total of 11 medals, including six gold, at this year’s event.

The long-running competition began in 1989 and has provided the official industry-backed endorsement of the greatest pies and sausage rolls in the country.

Paradise Bakery owners Lam Khong and Huyen Nguyen moved to the Bundaberg Region last year, and when it comes to creating delicious pies and pasties, the couple have already made their mark and won a number of national awards.

They successfully gained the Great Aussie Pie champion title last year for the best gourmet pie in Australia with their dancing scallop pie, along with the best gourmet poultry pie for their creamy chicken pie and the best gourmet game pie in Australia for their red curry crocodile pie.

Lam said they were thrilled to bring home a swag of awards again this year, and he thanked his loyal customers for their ongoing support.

“We are so happy to achieve the awards,” Lam said.

“We would love to say thank you to all family, friends and customers; without them we couldn’t (have) made it.

“Every pie we make with our love and we learn and get feedback from customers, therefore, we can improve our goodies.”

Buffalo now on the menu at Paradise Bakery

Always looking to improve their pies and pastries with new flavours, Paradise Bakehouse takes on recommendations from customers, and most recently they added buffalo to the menu.

Currently the Moore Park Beach bakery team makes 35 varieties, including the new buffalo Bundaberg Rum pie.

“At the moment we have over 35 varieties of pie: beef, buffalo, chicken, lamb, scallops, fish and prawns,” Lam said.

paradise bakery
Huyen Nguyen and Lam Khong have introduced crocodile pie to Paradise Bakehouse last year, and now buffalo is on the menu too.

“Especially new is (our) buffalo Bundaberg Rum pie, which (has) really good feedback from customers so far!

“We try our best to make customers happy and we are happy too.”

Paradise Bakehouse Great Aussie Pie awards include:

Great Aussie Pie competition gold awards:

  • Chunky Mince Pie
  • Chicken Mango Pie
  • Chilli Cheese Pie
  • Beef Stew Pie
  • Lamb Rosemary Pie
  • Beef Pepper Pie

Great Aussie Pie competition silver awards:

  • Chicken Mushroom Pie
  • Creamy Scallop Pie
  • Beef Curry Pie
  • Chicken Thai Green Curry

Great Aussie Pie competition bronze award:

  • Red Curry Scallop Pie