Tirroan Waste Facility closure during May

Bundaberg Regional Council Tirroan Waste Facility
Bundaberg Regional Council Tirroan Waste Facility

Access to Tirroan Waste Facility will be impacted during May as Council converts the landfill to a waste transfer station with a new gatehouse building.

This includes a full closure of the site on Wednesday 8 May while the slab for the new gatehouse building is poured.

The works are the most cost-effective solution as the landfill approaches its end of life as, under State Government legislation, Council cannot expand the facility without adding a weighbridge.

Once the upgrades are complete residents will still be able to dispose of the same types of waste as they did previously, however rather than being placed in landfill onsite Council will transfer the waste to the Regional Landfill.

Benefits of transfer station

The change to a transfer station will ensure greater separation of recyclable materials which will increase resource recovery.

For the waste that is transferred to the Regional Landfill, this modern facility has leachate control, landfill capping, highly efficient compactions equipment and landfill gas capture systems to ensure the best environmental outcome.

The new gatehouse building will assist with the recording of transactions at the site.

During the closure, the closest facility for residents with a tip shop is the Childers Waste Facility and is open Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 12.30 pm and weekend trade from 9 am to 12.30 pm.

Tirroan Waste Facility tip shop closure

The tip shop at the Tirroan Waste Facility will also be closed during construction from Tuesday 7 May 2024 to Friday 28 June 2024.

More information

Council reminds all users of the site that there are changed traffic conditions during the construction phase and asks visitors to take extra care when using the site.

There will be an extended closure needed at the site in upcoming weeks to allow for the road upgrades and asphalting within the site.

Council will provide further advice on this as it becomes available.


  1. Interesting that the landfills are closing and with qunaba landfill closing in a couple years the lifespan of the regional landfill gets shorter.I shudder to think the costing of a replacement regional landfill as we will never reach zero waste .


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