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How to: manage your waste

waste collection days
Waste collection days will change for about 8000 households from August 1 following a review of operations.

Did you know 45,000 tonnes of waste is collected annually in the Bundaberg Region?

By recycling correctly and following a few simple steps you can ensure you are doing your part in helping to manage the region's waste.

Kerbside bin collection

  • Do place bins out for service before 5 am on the scheduled collection day
  • Do place bins at least 0.5m apart and 1m from any other object
  • Do report any missing or damaged bins
  • Do wrap or bag food waste, sharp objects or dusts in waste bin
  • Do not bag recyclable items
  • Do not overfill (material protruding) or jam material in the bin/s
  • Do not place dangerous objects in the bin. For example batteries, paint, oil, ash, chemicals etc.
  • Do not place large, heavy objects in the bin. For example soil, concrete, car parts, bricks etc. Excessive weight (exceeding 75kg) will result in the bin not being serviced

Waste facilities and collection services operate as usual on public holidays during the year (with the exception of Christmas Day).

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