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Lando looking for his forever home

lando forever home
Lando is looking for his forever home.

Lando is a one-year-old maremma sheepdog who is looking for his forever home, available for adoption from RSPCA Bundaberg.

Lando will need exercise and mental enrichment, with a daily walk a must.

Maremmas are very intelligent dogs and need to have a purpose in life or they become bored and destructive.

He will require regular grooming of his heavy coat and shedding heavily twice a year is guaranteed.

A fenced yard is required to protect neighbouring small animals such as chickens, cats and ducks.

Ideally, his new family will have had experience with the maremma sheepdog breed before.

Mareemas will not bark without reason but as a guardian breed, they are wary of strangers and will bark at anything they perceive to be unusual.

Whilst this is excellent in rural settings to protect livestock, it can be a problem in suburban areas where they are known to become nuisance barkers.

Lando is desexed, microchipped and his worming is up to date.

He is $400 to adopt.

Find out more about Lando here.

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