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A Well Loved sauce wins two awards

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Mark and Bronwyn Welbeloved are the owners behind popular Well Loved Worcestershire Sauce.

Mark and Bronwyn Welbeloved’s Well Loved Worcestershire Sauce has once again won over judges at the Mr Chilli Awards.

After taking home a win in 2021, the couple decided they could go one better in 2022, receiving two awards in this year’s competition.

The Mr Chilli Awards aims to highlight the best of the best chilli products from around the globe.

The local Gin Gin company won a first and second place in the Worcestershire Sauce category with their hot sauce coming first and extra hot sauce a close second.

Mark and Bronwyn were pleased with the win, which they said cemented the fact that they were on the right path with their sauces.

“It is just confirmation and reassures that it was not just a lucky win, having now won two years in a row,” Mark said.

“What we enter in the competition is exactly what we sell and what people can buy off the shelves in the stores that stock the product.”

Mark said they had different heats of sauce available, with each customer liking a slightly different temperature.

“We find that everyone has different chilli flavours they prefer, especially when they are doing taste tests at the markets – everyone seems to find the perfect heat for them,” Mark said.

“The original recipe was one that a friend of our mother’s gave to Bronnie, and we have pretty much stuck to the recipe, despite a few alterations along the way.”

Mark said after ten years in business, they were continuing to produce more than ever and were receiving orders from right around the country.

“We have shipped orders to Western Australia and Tasmania, so our sauce is going everywhere,” he said.

“Our business is twofold as my sister also does it up in Cairns and she covers from Mackay north and has been doing so for the past six or so years.”

Mark said his Gin Gin-based business had seen great success thanks to the local community.

“We couldn’t do what we do without the support of the locals,” he said.

“We have been here for 30 years and we love it.

“It is a great community and there are a lot of people living out here that are doing the same as what we are doing.

“As remote as we are, the community all come together and support each other.

“We have shops in Adelaide through to Weipa, but our heart is in Bundaberg.”

Find out more about Well Loved Worcestershire Sauce here.

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