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Go nuts for new chocolate room

Macadamias Australia Chocolatier Kevin Wheatley.

Macadamias Australia has expanded its ever-growing farm experience, with a new chocolate viewing room allowing visitors to see a chocolatier working their magic.

With Macadamias Australia's chocolate range already available for purchase at the store, the team saw the opportunity to add the chocolate viewing room for visitors to see part of the factory in action.

Director Janelle Gerry said the chocolate room provided the opportunity for consumers to get a taste of the tree-to-table experience.

“Our visitor experience is an immersive macadamia wonderland custom-built to delight all the senses,” Janelle said.

“When visitors come to the site, they can observe the whole process from macadamia nuts growing outside then watch them transform into a premium product before their eyes.

“A viewing window looks over the chocolate tumblers where our chocolate-coated balls are made, as well as state-of-the-art cluster and paste machines.

“The room is also where products are packaged and sealed before moving on to be labelled.”

Janelle said creating products in the new chocolate room was not a simple task, with many flavours needing to be understood to create the perfect flavour.

“Having a dedicated chocolatier is paramount,” she said.

“Especially in product development, where broad experience, an intimate knowledge in testing, food standards and safety are critical.

“Our chocolatier must understand the subtle flavour profiles of milk, dark and white chocolate and know which flavours interact and complement them.

“Chocolate is universally loved, and we can’t pick a favourite.

Macadamias Australia Chocolate Sauce Sundae 01
Macadamias Australia chocolate sauce sundae.

“We showcase milk, dark and white chocolate through our Pure Indulgence range and we’ve spent many hours carefully curating interesting flavours that harmonise with them.

“The White Chocolate and Lemon Myrtle Macadamia Baubles in our Christmas Collection are very popular already, and we’ve also created White and Dark Chocolate Macadamia Duos for a double-dipped dose of deliciousness wrapped around our premium macadamia kernels.”

The chocolate viewing room operates on weekdays for the public to see.

Find out more about Macadamia’s Australia here.

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