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Childers connection to Photos in the Attic

photos in the attic
A new novel, Photos in the Attic, will be launched in Childers this weekend

A new novel, Photos in the Attic, will be launched in Childers this weekend with the town’s close connection to the historic story unveiled.

The novel is based on a movie project following a classic love story set on two sides of the world, Childers, Australia and Vignacourt, France during the Great War.

Photos in the Attic is a compelling romance that tells the heart-wrenching story of a soldier caught between the love of two women.

Author Donna Fiechtner will be launching the book at Vintner’s Secret in Childers on Sunday 11 December from 3 pm until 5 pm.

Donna invited the local community to attend the launch to learn about the history and close connection between Childers and Vignacourt.

“I encourage people to attend the event to celebrate Childers and the men who came from this region to fight in the Great War,” Donna said.

“It is an opportunity to celebrate mateship and connection with another little village on the other side of the world.”

The Bundaberg Region and Vignacourt are linked by a Friendship Agreement.

The village is the home of the Lost Diggers Photographic collection where more than 4000 glass photographic plates were rediscovered in a barn in 2010, including pictures of Thomas and William See from Childers.

Donna said she was proud to now have a relationship with people from both Vignacourt and Childers, keeping the spirit of the diggers alive.

“We have a relationship with the people of Childers and those in the town of Vignacourt and Naours,” she said.

“It feels good to keep the relationships built over 100 years ago alive and it’s a buzz when you put the pieces together and discover the life story of a hero who may have been forgotten.

“It’s our duty as proud Australians to keep their spirits alive.

“I also wanted to highlight the role of the indigenous diggers who joined the forces to fight and the strength of women who remained behind in the novel.”

Find out more about the Photos in the Attic book here.

Register you interest in the upcoming launch here.

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