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Councils take on blood donation challenge

Lifeblood challenge
Cr Vince Habermann, Mayor Jack Dempsey, Australian Red Cross and Bundaberg Regional Council staff promoting the Lifeblood challenge.

Fraser Coast Regional Council has thrown down the gauntlet for a life-giving challenge which Bundaberg Regional Council has readily accepted.

At a recent Ordinary Meeting FCRC resolved to challenge BRC to a 12-month donation challenge in 2023 to see which Council could give the highest number of blood and plasma donations through Red Cross Lifeblood.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said BRC and its dedicated Lifeblood team were more than ready to participate.

“Bundaberg Regional Council has actively supported staff to donate blood and plasma through Red Cross for many years,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“In fact, our Council Lifeblood team regularly places highly in state challenges and is consistently placed first or second each calendar year among the Bundaberg Lifeblood Teams tally list.

“Already this year, Bundaberg Regional Council has donated enough times to save up to 750 lives.

“In 2023 we’ll take on Fraser Coast Regional Council and welcome some friendly rivalry to help raise awareness for this important cause throughout the Wide Bay and, if the result is more lives saved, then that’s what it’s all about.”

One Lifeblood team member representing BRC will be Cr Vince Habermann who, just having marked his 450th milestone donation, has seemingly been preparing for this competition for most of his life.

Cr Habermann said he was inspired to donate first by his father, who was a regular donor, and later in life by his boss who was a milestone donor.

“I just love trying to help others,” Cr Habermann said.

“It's a fact that one in three people will require a blood donation in their lifetime and currently only one in 30 donate.

“So, while I'm healthy and while I can donate, I'm happy to donate as regularly as possible – I donate plasma every two weeks.”

Lifeblood challenge helps save lives

While he is a veteran donor Cr Habermann said he knew from personal experience that sometimes fear of the process could prevent people from donating but urged anyone who has never donated blood to give it a go.

“It's a small amount of pain for a lot of gain.

“You you feel good about it.

“And then when you see the number of people benefiting and saving lives, that little bit of pain is all worthwhile.”

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Group Account Manager Rosie Barton said each year the organisation was grateful for the life-giving donations from Bundaberg Regional Council.

“Our Lifeblood Teams program encourages businesses, educational facilities and community groups to band together and give life together through blood and plasma donation,” Ms Barton said.

“Our Lifeblood Teams help to provide almost 45 per cent of all donations at Bundaberg Donor Centre.

“Bundaberg Donor Centre is looking forward to welcoming new and existing donors from Bundaberg Regional Council and encouraging the friendly rivalry between the two local councils.

“Both of these two incredible businesses have banded together to show their communities just how willing they are to truly be, the Lifeblood of their region.”

In Australia, a new blood donor is needed every four minutes and one blood donation is needed every 18 seconds. Find out how you can help here.

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