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Have your say: Washpool Creek Master Plan

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Your views could help to shape Washpool Creek into a vibrant space that balances waterway health, flood and climate resilience, community, and liveability outcomes.

Bundaberg Regional Council is encouraging the community to participate in the development of the Washpool Creek Master Plan, with a number of opportunities to have a say on the future use of the waterway corridor.

Your views will help to shape the area into a vibrant space that balances waterway health, flood and climate resilience, community, and liveability outcomes.

Council has engaged Tract Consultants to work with the community and key stakeholders to help define a future vision for Washpool Creek and its major tributaries, Baldwin Creek and the Washpool Creek No. 2 Channel.

Where is Washpool Creek?

Washpool Creek is a tributary of Bundaberg Creek on the southern side of the Burnett River.

It is situated within some of the oldest suburbs of Bundaberg, being Norville, Walkervale and Bundaberg South.

Washpool Creek’s highly urbanised catchment is 6.5 square km in size and its main flow path is 4.1 km in length.

History of Washpool Creek

The Washpool Creek catchment has seen significant change since European settlement.

Substantial watershed areas have been cleared up to (and often including) riparian corridors in efforts to maximise yield.

Since the mid to late 20th century, urban development has seen many sections of Washpool Creek converted from a natural creek to a concrete channel in efforts to maximise conveyance and developable land.

Why is Council creating a Master Plan?

Council has recently completed a condition assessment of the concrete channels along the entire length of Washpool Creek and its major tributaries.

The outcomes from this assessment indicate that most of these concrete channels show signs of moderate to significant deterioration and major replacement is likely required within the next 10 to 20 years.

Furthermore, numerous properties along these creek tributaries are exposed to a level of flood risk during localised storm events.

The need to address flood risk and replace deteriorating concrete channels presents Council and the community with an opportunity.

Washpool Creek naturalisation
Mayor Jack Dempsey points out the decades old concrete drainage system along Washpool Creek.

As part of Council's asset renewal planning, there is a need to determine whether to replace the concrete channels like-for-like or do something different for the future.

To align with Council’s strategic intent, Washpool Creek needs to be considered as more than just a concrete channel that conveys stormwater.

Urban creeks can offer significant value-added benefits to the community moving forward.

Council wants to see this potential realised by proactively planning for a healthy waterway that delivers increased social and environmental benefits, flood risk reduction, and improved sustainability and resilience.

In developing the Master Plan, Council is seeking your input to help understand the history of Washpool Creek together with the key values, constraints, and opportunities for these creek corridors.

Your ideas and local knowledge will be vitally important in shaping the outcomes of the Master Plan, including a list of recommended actions moving forward.

How to become involved?

There are multiple ways that you can have your say on the Washpool Creek Master Plan.

Open community workshop

Where: Bundaberg Multiplex, 1 Civic Avenue, Bundaberg West
When: Saturday, 21 January
Time: 10 am to noon
RSVP: Reservations are highly encouraged. email your RSVP by 4 pm on Monday, 16 January to engineering@bundaberg.qld.gov.au.

Online survey submission

Where: To make a submission, head to our dedicated Washpool Creek Master Plan webpage here.
When: The survey will be open until Monday, 30 January 2023 at 5 pm.

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