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Who’s Who in the Zoo: freshwater turtle

freshwater turtle
Alexandra Park Zoo's Elsey, one of two resident white throated snapping turtles.

The white-throated snapping turtle, Elseya albagula is one of Australia’s largest short-necked freshwater turtles.

This critically endangered species is only found in the Burnett, Fitzroy, and Mary River systems of Central Queensland.

Alexandra Park Zoo is home to three turtles; Alby the adult male, Elsey the adult female and Milbi the juvenile.

While both male and female turtles have a large robust head, it is only the female that has irregular white or cream markings on the sides and under surfaces of the head and neck.

Both male and female white-throated snapping turtles breathe out of their bums, having the ability to absorb oxygen through their backside.

Find out more about the turtles here.

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