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Mac the quoll joins zoo family

There is a new furry friend settling into Alexandra Park Zoo a spotted-tail quoll named Mac and if he is anything like his father he will one day be a big mac.

Mac is derived from the scientific name Dasyurus maculatus, with maculatus being Latin for spotted, blotchy, patchy, which naturally refers to his spots.

This species is the only quoll species where the spots go all the way down the tail.

Alexandra Park Zoo Supervisor Kate Beskeen said Mac arrived at Alexandra Park Zoo at the beginning of March, after being born in a breeding program at Halls Gap Zoo in Victoria.

She said Mac was already showing his personality with his high energy and inquisitive nature keeping the zoo attendees on their toes.

At six months old and already 1.63 kg in size, Kate said Mac could possibly grow up to 5.8 kg like his dad.

“Some of you may have already seen him speeding around his enclosure, checking everything out,” Kate said.

Mac the spotted-tail quoll at Alexandra Park Zoo.
mac the quoll
Mac the spotted-tail quoll at Alexandra Park Zoo.

“If you do catch him sleeping, that's also normal. These guys will gorge themselves and then go and nap.”

Mac is a nocturnal animal and a carnivore, Kate said at the moment he was getting a nice mixture of rodents and quail to enjoy.

Mac the quoll helps to educate public

Kate said having the spotted-tail quoll species at the zoo was important for education, as the spotted-tail quoll was found in the Bundaberg Region.

“This species has been part of the zoo for a number of years now,” she said.

“The staff are really excited to have this young little animal to engage with and really show what these guys do at different life stages.”

Mac joined Alexandra Park Zoo after the passing of Crunchy who had also been a resident at the zoo since 2019.

Male spotted-tail quolls have a life expectancy in the wild of two years but Crunchy got to lead a long life of five years and five months.

Mac as a baby at Halls Gap Zoo
Alexandra Park Zoo's new quoll Mac arrived at the beginning of March, after being born in a breeding program at Halls Gap Zoo in Victoria. Photo: Mac as a baby/Mac with his litter. Contributed by Halls Gap Zoo

Halls Gap Zoo Supervisor Mila Kean said Mac came from a litter of five and it was pleasing to hear he had settled in well at his new home in Bundaberg.

“We are very proud that Halls Gap Zoo is one of the most successful breeders of spotted-tail quoll in the world,” Mila said.

“It's a little bittersweet moment when we say goodbye to the joeys we've watched grow up, but it's so rewarding to know they are going off to represent their species across the country.”

Community members and visitors to the Bundaberg Region can meet Mac at Alexandra Park Zoo, Wednesday to Sunday, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm, the zoo is closed Monday and Tuesday.

During the Queensland school holidays the Zoo is open every day from 9.30 am – 4.30 pm.

Entry to the zoo is free.


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