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Walla Street skate event a hit with locals

Skate event youth
Axle and Jasper Palethorpe enjoying Xmas in the Skate Park.

There was plenty of action at the Walla Street Skate Park on Thursday with bike riders, skaters, artists and local services coming together for a special youth skate event.

Xmas in the Skate Park was finally celebrated in the sunshine after being rescheduled when wet weather hampered original plans.

Yesterday Bundaberg Regional Council partnered with yourtown to showcase local youth-based services, an ephemeral street-art battle, and a free sausage sizzle for community members to enjoy.

yourtown's Zoja Jurczakowski said the skate event was made up of plenty of activities with headspace, Community Access Support and Phoenix House just some of the providers who engaged with youth.

Skate event youth
Many enjoyed the skatepark event.

She said the event was about getting the community together to utilise local facilities in a social setting.

“Covid's been tough for a lot of people and what I think has had the most harm with young people is that inability to socialise and just get some fresh air,” she said.

“I think those are the things that young people need to do more and we need to give them that opportunity to do that more.”

Skate event an opportunity to enjoy time with friends

Kai Bissett attended the Xmas in the Skate Park event and said it was a great opportunity to be out in the good weather with mates.

“I wanted to come down for a ride and saw it was happening so I thought I would get involved,” he said.

“I like to ride for something to do, we are all friends here.”

The skate event was an initiative of Bundaberg Regional Council and yourtown.

Xmas in the Skate Park
Zoja Jurczakowski, Skye Zielke, Karla Jurczakowski and Trae White-Cobbo from yourtown.



  1. Shout out to the Bundaberg team! Last week we had a supporter from Bundy phone us at CX and sign up for myplace tickets after chatting with the team at the sausage sizzle at the skate park. Win win!

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