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December roads and drainage wrap

december roads and drainage
Work was underway in December to upgrade the Barolin Street pathway.

From pathway works to floodway replacements Bundaberg Regional Council’s roads and drainage team was busy in December.

In the lead up to the Christmas break the team completed a total of 236 defect repairs in the Bundaberg and Childers areas.

In Bucca the Reads Road floodway replacement was completed.

The Gahans Road pathway is also nearing completion with work paused on site while Council awaits the delivery of bridge materials.

Work progressed on the Mercers Road sealing with the road base installed before work was suspended to allow the road to reopen for the holiday break.

Urban shoulder sealing was finished in George Street while work got underway to upgrade the Barolin Street pathway.

December roads and drainage summary

A range of other minor and maintenance works were also completed, including:


Maintenance and minor works

  • Burrum Street footpath
  • New footpath, pedestrian ramps, and disabled parks at CWA on Quay Street Service Road
  • New pedestrian ramp and disabled parks at the Base Hospital on Bourbong Street
  • New pedestrian ramp – corner of Maryborough and Watson Streets
  • Kerb and channel repairs on Poinciana Drive, Innes Park
  • New bus stop on Davidson Street, Bargara outside of Woolworths
  • Pipe and pit repairs at Arstall Street, Millbank
  • Ongoing drainage repairs at Louise Court, Branyan
  • Repairs to the fence over McCoys Creek, Branyan

Grading works completed

  • Hummock Road, Qunaba
  • School Lane, Woongarra
  • Behnkes Road, Woongarra
  • Melcer Road, Elliott Heads
  • Wawoon Road, Woongarra
  • Three Chain Road, Calavos
  • Nedwich Road, Alloway
  • McComacks Road, Alloway
  • Caesars Road, Calovos
  • Tills Road, Calovos
  • Asmus Road, Calavos
  • Tarrants Road, Calavos
  • Rexs Road, Alloway
  • Alex Walker Road, Alloway
  • Golchert Drive, Kinkuna
  • Gillens Creek Road, Alloway
  • Woodward Road, Alloway
  • Silky Oak Street, Alloway


Maintenance and minor works

  • McDonalds Road, Knockroe Road, and Berries Road pavement repairs and shoulder maintenance
  • Kevin Livingston Drive shoulder work and drains
  • Woppis Road shoulder maintenance and patching of roadway
  • Station Road temporary repairs to timber culvert
  • Jones Lane resheet preparation
  • Edwards Road drainage work
  • Old Booyal Road and Walters Road drainage maintenance
  • Creeveys Road, Apple Tree Creek resheeting


  • Abington – Andersons Road, Abington Road, Hatchery Road
  • Booyal – Svenssons Road
  • Cordalba – Promisedland Road
  • Doolbi – Goodwins Road
  • Redridge – Webbs Road, Sims Road, Campaninis Road, Neighbours Road
  • Woodgate – Heidkes Road

Gin Gin

Maintenance and minor works

  • Miara Road stabilise and seal
  • Gayndah Road pipe repairs and washouts
  • Gin Gin Skate Park drainage repairs to erosion and corrected water flow
  • High School Road stabilise and seal along bus stop kerb and channel
  • Pops Lane pipe replacement
  • Steeds Road, Winfield resheeting
  • Top Waterloo Road resheeting


• Good Night – Back Creek Road, Kalliwa Road
• Horse Camp – Michelles Road
• Moolboolaman – Coes Road, Gillen Siding Road, Moolboolaman Road, Myers Road
• Watalgan – Arthur Creek Road, Forestry Road, Grills Road, Waree Road, Watalgan Road
• Winfield – Richters Road



  1. Please seal Croft st Bargara at least from Bauer st to Whalley St as the road is too narrow for the buses and is very dangerous.

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