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Nutrition with Explosions to blow your mind

Nutrition with Explosions
Explosions will form part of Ruben Meerman's upcoming presentation which delves into nutrition and how breathing impacts our health.

Ruben Meerman, aka the Surfing Scientist, will combine explosions with health when he presents at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre as part of the Eat Breathe Move program this month.

The Eat Breath Move initiative recognises the connection between metabolism, breathing and movement and Ruben's Nutrition with Explosions presentation will take audience members on this exciting scientific journey.

To be held at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre on Wednesday 22 March, Ruben will showcase how the food you eat becomes the carbon dioxide you exhale.

He will also discuss why we breathe more during exercise and what this means for our weight and health.

“Nutrition with Explosions is about what actually happens to food after you swallow it,” Ruben said.

“You would never guess but we actually breathe most of it back out as carbon dioxide and the rest turns into water.”

Ruben said knowledge was power when it came to understanding how the human body works.

“Most people would never guess that the carbon atoms in carbohydrates come back out of their lungs as carbon dioxide – so does the carbon in protein, fat and alcohol,” he said.

“Once you join these dots, your body starts making sense.

“You’ll understand how your body gains and loses weight and why this takes time.

“You’ll know why you breathe more air whenever you exert yourself.

“You’re using more oxygen but you are producing more carbon dioxide too. Simply knowing this stuff feels like magic, but better, because it’s real.”

Ruben said the whole family would benefit from this intriguing presentation.

“Expect to leave the Moncrieff with a whole new appreciation for what you're putting into your body and how it all comes back out,” he said.

“You’ll learn the difference between a vitamin and a mineral and what words like carbohydrate, protein and triglyceride actually mean. And there will also be explosions, obviously!”

Eat Breathe Move is a Building a Healthy Bundaberg Alliance program funded by Bundaberg Regional Council along with the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport and Health and Wellbeing Queensland under Round 2 of the ActiveKIT program.

Nutrition with Explosions

When: Wednesday 22 March

Time: 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm

Venue: Moncrieff Entertainment Centre

Cost: Free

Book your seat here.

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